Fashion Doll Sketches: Fairy Tales

Last night I worked on some new Fashion doll sketches, this is big news considering I haven’t done any in awhile. I knew that I could do some great sketches, but I didn’t have any to show in my portfolio. And I really needed to add them, like immediately. I started with a Fairy Tale theme and I am really happy with the results. This really combined everything that I love, now and when I was a child. I used to read the Brother’s Grimm stories and of course watch all of the beloved Disney versions. My favorite Disney movie was The Little Mermaid. I used to watch it over and over, I also wished that I could swim like a mermaid. So it was only natural for me to want to sketch out an outfit fit for a mermaid.

I would like to expand on this theme and work on a few more styles for each doll, but when you are working with a tight schedule, you can only finish so many of your sketches before you need to catch some sleep. I will definitely be coming back to this theme and working on some more styles for each theme. I’ll also read up on some of my favorite fairy tales so that I can work on new dolls. Wouldn’t a Rumplestiltskin fashion doll be awesome? Check out my sketches below and the link to my online portfolio.

Fairy Tale: Gretel inspired Fashion Doll



Fairy Tale: Little Mermaid inspired Fashion Doll



Link to online Portfolio:

Yay! Go me for getting some work done! Be on the look out for more soon.


ModCloth’s new exclusive collection!

Ok, so I haven’t really told any of you this, but I am a Modcloth ADDICT. I was in their ModSquad last year and am a fan of their clothing, to say the least. If you don’t know about ModCloth, I think that you should check them out! Just click below on the banner and it will take you to their homepage.
Modcloth recently announced their own line of clothing. Myrtlewood and Bea & Dot. They have had their own brands before; Retrolicious and Folter, but it seems as though they are rebranding. Their lines are full of flattering vintage silhouettes and quirky prints. These clothes are definitely going to get you noticed. They are so lovely. If they are anything like Retrolicious and Folter then they will be of great quality and a good chance that they are made in the U.S.A. (which I love!) This line also comes in sizes XS-4X, so there shouldn’t be a problem lusting over a dress that doesn’t come in your size range. Check out some of my favorites below.
ModCloth's new exclusive collection!