The French Press Makes All The difference

Confession time, I have never used a french press before today. I own one and I have coffee beans that I can grind and brew, but I haven’t really been brave enough to use it. After watching a couple of episodes of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, I really wanted to make myself a really good cup of coffee. The clips of coffee being made are kind of amazing. It really made me appreciate a simple cup of coffee even more.


I love coffee.

This is pretty much all you need to make a couple of cups of coffee (below). Everything is from Juan Valdez, a wonderful gourmet coffee company from Colombia. My dear friend from Colombia gave us this set for our wedding.


my new favorite way to make coffee.

I began grinding the coffee a handful at a time, this didn’t work out very well, so I started to put only 5 beans in at a time. After I had a quarter of a cup, I decided to stop. This was hard work! TIP: Now I grind coffee beans when I am watching TV so that I will never run out of fresh ground coffee. It’s great because I feel like I am working out a little bit, you really use your core when you are grinding the beans.


Coffee ground by me.

Next I put the kettle on and waited for it to boil.


Can you tell that I like yellow?

Once the kettle began to whistle, I knew the water was ready. First I put 2 teaspoons in the french press, then I added the water, about 8 oz. You want to let this brew for 3-5 minutes, depending on how strong you want your coffee.


French press at work.

You can make the coffee the way you normally like it, but I say that I like my milk with coffee in it. When the coffee was ready I poured it into a mug with sugar in it. After mixing the sugar and coffee together I added unsweetened vanilla almond milk to it.  Mix well and enjoy with  or without a pastry. I added a double chocolate shortbread cookie from the Honolulu Cookie Company. Delicious!



See you next time!



DIY: Mini frame earring holders


This is a wonderful way to display your frequently used earrings. I know that I am not the only one that has had earrings on top of earrings in my jewelry drawer and cannot find a matching pair in the morning.  This was such a simple project, but it makes a big difference in organization. I am finding it easier to change up my earrings in the morning or before going out after work.

Here is what I used:

  • Gold painted frames (garage sale find)
  • Canvas fabric (enough to fit the frame)
  • Glue sticks
  • Glue gun

Step 1: Gather your materials together.


Step 2:  Measure the inside of the frame and cut canvas to size.


Step 3:  Make sure that your fabric fits.


Step 4: Glue along the inside edge of your frame.


Step 5:  Add fabric to the inside of the frame and push it down along the edges to make sure it adheres to the frame.


Step 6: Glue the edges down to prevent fraying.


Step 7: Admire your finished frame!


Step 8:  Add your most loved earrings to your frames and enjoy how cute it looks on your wall!


Dangley earrings look great on this frame too.


You can do this project using different frame styles and for different objects to display. I like how elegant these frames look with all my jewels displayed in them, it really goes with the rest of my bedroom. This is a great project because you can pick which ever frame style you like and whatever fabric you would like. I suggest going with a heavier fabric with a weave that allows some holes to be poked in it without sagging or loosing too much of its shape.


Here is my first version of this project. I made it for my brooch collection. I did the same steps for this project, except this frame is solid wood, so I stapled the canvas to the inside of the frame.

Let me know if you make this frame earring holder! Let me know what you did differently.

See you next time!