ModCloth’s ‘Spring-Time to Shine’ Contest

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Share your spring style with ModCloth’s ‘Spring-Time to Shine’ Contest, and you could win a $50 gift cerfiticate! Entering is simple — just snap a photo of yourself in your freshest spring ensemble and upload to the Style Gallery. Outfits do not need to feature ModCloth (although it is encouraged!), and users can submit as many entries as their hearts desire. Two winners will be chosen and featured by ModCloth. This contest is open to both domestic and international applications through 1 p.m. PT on 4/28. Please see our blog for more details. Good luck!


Practicing Plush: Hello Dolly!

After I have made around 50 or so plush mushrooms, I decided that maybe I should branch out and make something new to add to my Etsy shop. I have worked on different plush in the past, but never really stuck with it. I made a few pancake-style nesting dolls which I really love! But I wasn’t really challenging myself.


They are cute though!

Recently, I rediscovered my love for designing and creating plush. My first new project would be to make a new doll. I thought about what kind of doll I would like to make and how I would like to make it. I bought books and patterns and searched all over the internet for inspiration. I decided to just go for it and whatever I made would be tweaked along the way. I knew what kind of doll I wanted, but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it on the first try. Well, here she is!

snow_white_inspired_1_3 snow_white_inspired_1_2 snow_white_inspired_1_1


Her clothes were inspired by one of my favorite Disney Princesses, Snow White. She has an adorable yellow dress with blue flower accents on the trim of her dress and neckline. The sweet little scalloped caplet matches those accents perfectly. Her shoes are ballet inspired with the little bows. And match the ribbon on the caplet. All of her clothing is removable. And she will have some yellow undergarments on to match her dress. Oh and she looks great standing or sitting next to one of my plushrooms too!

Check out some close-ups of the details:

snow_white_inspired_1_closeup copy snow_white_inspired_1_closeup_2

Her hair is all machine stitched to show texture. And I mentioned the little flowery-star accents on the dress earlier, but here you can see it a little bit clearer. Her eyes are green buttons and her pink smile was hand stitched on. She also has her ears poking through her hair, still not sure if I want to “pierce” them or not. I am thinking about adding that feature to some of the future dolls. The picture on the right, and the 3 above actually show the truest colors of the doll and her clothing.

I am hoping to continue making more dolls soon. I already have a few planned out. And I added this one to my Etsy already! Shop doll. Hopefully blogging about them will keep me accountable. It is a little late into the year already, since it is already April, but one of my goals this year would be to work on new plush. So I will type this out now: I will try to put out a new plush once a month, at least. Cyber-space promise!

What are some ways that you like to challenge yourself? It can be with a new project or by changing the way that you normally do something. Let me know!

Until next project,