Practicing Plush: Mushrooms of all colors and sizes

Hello Everyone!

Today I want to talk about my plush work. I have been working on plush since I was a young girl. I liked to play with my toys until I was older than the recommended age on the box, but that didn’t stop me. Occasionally I would try to build or sew something for my dolls. I started with clothing and then made a pillow and a little plush baby. These were all cut from the same fabric and sewn on the outside, I still have them and will have to post a picture of them soon.

In the past 3 years I have gone back to working on plush of my own. After visiting Sweden for the first time for my honeymoon, I became fascinated with mushrooms. They blanket the floor, trees, rocks, these mushrooms grow everywhere. Some of the clusters look like tiny apartments for little creatures.



Can you see what I mean?

The forests of Sweden are so whimsical and beautiful. The people of Southern Sweden seem to have a great view of living along side nature. They build AROUND the trees and forests, instead of through them like we do in the US.

While I was there, I couldn’t help but be inspired. Once we returned from our lovely trip, I started to sew.

Here are my first mushrooms.

plenty_of_plush_mushrooms first_attempt_mushrooms

After I made many mushrooms, I started to try something different. I wanted to try to do different colors and sizes, but I think I needed to work on the shape of the top a little more. And the design needed to be a bit more natural and random.

I worked on making a larger mushroom too. I think that I have got the technique down now after working on the most recent design for 2 years.

Here are a few:


These are my XL sized mushrooms and the variety of sizes as well.

M_mushrooms_variations L_mushroom_variations

And these are the smaller mushrooms, sizes Medium and Large. You can check out which mushrooms I have available for purchase on my etsy: I am always available to chat if you send me a message with any questions you may have.

As a designer and an artist I know that these plush mushrooms will continue to evolve, as they have already. I am excited to see what I will be working on next.

What are some projects that you have worked on and have noticed significant changes after working on it for some time? Any tips on how to keep the project exciting and new? Leave me a comment!

See you later,



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